Here you can find all unreleased Fortnite 
cosmetics that are currently present in the
Many Fortnite fans are interested in seeing what Epic has up their sleeves, before it is officially released or revealed.
Which of the unreleased cosmetics
are your favorite? Do you plan to pick any of them up when/if they are released via the
Item Shop? Read More: Fortnite Duo banned for being fed kills in the World Cup is accused of cheating again Below you can find a list of all unreleased cosmetics as of Saturday, June 2nd, 2019. Majority of these cosmetics have not
been sitting around in the assets for too long and are
likely to release in the coming weeks. Skins Dark Vertex (Legendary Outfit) Return from the darkness. Bao Bros (Epic Outfit) Steamed up and ready for action. Gemini (Epic Outfit) Prepare for interstellar hop. Wilde (Epic Outfit,starter pack) More than a little wild. Sandstorm (Rare Outfit) Timeless warrior. Scimitar (Rare Outfit) Razor sharp and battle ready. Pickaxes Plasma Carrot (Epic Pickaxe) So good you can almost taste it. Dark Razor (Rare Pickaxe) On the verge of being too dark. Longhorn (Rare Pickaxe) Corral the competition. Souped Up (Uncommon Pickaxe) Victory by the spoonful. Back Bling Dark Deflector (Legendary Back Bling) Darken the course of the battle. Bao Basket (Epic Back Bling) Steamy and savory. Cryo Hops (Epic Back Bling) The bunny's just chilling. Palette Pack (Epic Back Bling) Sharp color. Gliders Dark Forerunner (Rare Glider) Distort, Distract, Destroy. Helium (Uncommon Glider) Lighter than air. Rush (Uncommon Glider) It’s a rush! Emotes Guitar Walk (Rare Emote) Play on. Wraps Emblem (Rare Wrap) Show your style. Ripple (Rare Wrap) Show your style. Keep in mind these are only cosmetics which are currently present in the Fortnite files following the v9.10 patch
and June 2nd. A number of cosmetics have been added to the files only to be removed later on. Examples of these cosmetics are the Festive Team Leader skin and original K-Pop skin.